Progress report – publication by Harper Collins?

There’s a fighting chance Junglenomics will be published by Harper Collins! I first met the big white chief there, Myles Archibald, over 2 years ago and he was supportive and helpful, but critical of its structure. The problem was that the book had been so long in the writing that it had been rather stitched together ad hoc over the years, and as a result had failed to gell. His advice led to rather more than the ‘cutting and pasting’ that he recommended – in fact to a complete re-write that took 2 and a half years! (But what’s that compared to the 20 years it had taken to then?)

I removed a large chunk of the early part of the book exploring the colonising hypothesis as I decided that was best produced afterwards as a ‘prequel’ for those interested in the scientific and mathematical evidence for my ‘colonisation theory’ (to be called The Engine of Evolution). Instead I abbreviated this into a section of the introduction. Meanwhile I updated the rest and expanded the applications for Ecosynomics to include amongst other things a new chapter on the oceans.

I went back to see Myles last month in HC’s posh new offices at the top of the Press Building at no. 1 London Bridge – in the shadow of the Shard. He was very complimentary on my efforts and talked openly of there being a gap in the market for this, and, subject to certain fairly minor modifications, HC could well be interested in taking it on. In the meantime they need to do some ‘number crunching’ (they are a business, so naturally it’s all about profitability).

So here I am in limbo at the edge of launching into my lifetime ambition to make a positive contribution to bringing an end to environmental destruction. My nails are bitten to the quick (metaphorically) and every day for 4 weeks now I have been scanning my emails, heart in mouth.

I will of course post the result. In the meantime I’m working hard on the suggested adjustments (apparently these are only at the start – the main body of the book is ready for their editors).

More soon.

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